Jake is a wire-bending artist currently living in Camrose, AB.

Jake growing up

Always a creator, Jake was never bored as a child growing up in St. Catharines, ON. He would either be reading, climbing trees, or making something – macrame, knitting and crocheting, paper crafts, drawings, forts, music, or whatever came to mind. In 2008 Jake made his first wire sculpture. After moving to Vancouver Island in 2008, he would continue to make sculptures over the next four years.

Moving to the Island

From 2013-2017 he was a farmer. He raised rabbits and chickens, grew food and medicinal herbs (his favourites were holy basil and passionflower), and building the needed infrastructure. In June of 2014 he burnt out, and spent the next three years learning his new limits. He learned about and how to manage his depression and anxiety. Midway through 2017 he realized he needed to let go of farming, at least for a while, and returned to his wire bending art. The wire work, like most art, is a meditative, grounding process that helps him manage his anxiety in a beautiful way.

Jake’s art

Jake is inspired by nature in his designs. He works mainly with copper and brass wires, but hopes to move toward incorporating silver and gold to his works. He likes working with the shapes, textures, and designs of semiprecious stones, rough or tumbled, and incorporating them with his designs.

Get in touch with Jake

You can contact Jake through our Contact Page. Or find him on Instagram, or our Facebook Page.